Who are we?  Doing Well was founded in 1986. We began as a cleaning service provider and later have expanded our effort to provide security service. Over 30 years of experience, our business model is based on a thorough recruitment procedure ensuring top-quality people to be chosen, and using up-to-date technology to enhance the efficiency of the working process, in particular the flexibility in management. Therefore, we are able to deal with any unanticipated difficulty. These enable us to gain and maintain confidence and trust of the customers both public and private sectors in various industries.

Doing Well will incessantly improve our services and work efficiency. Also, we promise to be a responsible service provider and to deliver the highest level of service to our customers under work philosophy “Doing Well, Doing SMART”.
Our Visions

We strive to be...
a renowned high-quality service provider and to be one of Thailand's leading total facilities management companies by 2020
Our Missions

We work diligently to…
- Deliver outstanding services with dedicated, hardworking, polite, and tactful staffs.
- Improve quality of our employees, services and system to meet the international standard.
- Apply innovation and technology to enhance the efficiency of services.
- Expand our base to provide other related services in order to fully meet customer demands.
- Use a business alliance model to cooperate with other business partners and the customers in achieving a common prosperity.
Message From The CEO

          Doing Well Security and Facility Services Co., Ltd. offers a one-stop solution for all facility services. We place a high importance on meeting the client’s needs and expectations through a continuous staff training and development. Technological solutions are integrated to ensure an exceptional service quality, especially in the constantly changing market environment.

          Apart from a high-quality standard for all facility services, we also commit to our employment equity policy. We encourage an employment in the community to help generating income to the community. Ultimately, we hope to allow the community to be a part of our sustainable business growth.



                                                  (Dechboon Marprasert)

                                        Chief Executive Officer of Doing Well


Our Achievements


Why Doing Well

One Stop Service : Doing Well is ready to deliver total facilities management services at all times. As a one stop service provider, we are able to fulfill our customers' expectations.

Quality of “SMART” : Doing Well has incessantly upgraded the quality management system. Giving our best effort, the quality of our services has been certified by ISO 9001:2015 and meets the high standards that a customer might reasonably expect.

Training Center  : Doing Well provides professional and functional training facilities in the excellent learning environment. Various training programs are available at our training center ranging from fundamental to advanced and specialist practice conducted by accredited and professional instructors.

24-hour Coordination Center : Doing Well Coordination Center operates 24 hours a day to provide our customers with emergency monitoring, answering, and notification services. In coordination with local police officers, we are able to give assistance during non-business

Quality Staffs : We value our employees’ contribution and offer various training and development opportunities, welfare programs, other benefits, and career progression.

Integration of People and Technology : Our employees are equipped with the skills and knowledge to effectively use the essential technology in order to achieve the highest efficiency and meet customer expectations.

Trust of The Customers : Due to over 30 years of experience with more than 2,000 employees, Doing Well has gained confidence and trust from more than 1,000 leading organizations.

Corporate Social and Environmental  : Responsibility Doing Well has taken part in the CSR activities of both the public and private sectors. Also, we are proud of our policy and commitment to the environment which ensure environmental and community friendly products to be used.

Business Alliance : Doing Well have had large alliance networks which are ready to cooperate, exchange and update certain knowledge in order to solve a particular task and be able to handle a rapidly changing situation.



Message From The CEO

Mr. Rachadech Marprasert

Managing Director of Doing Well Security and Facility Services Co.,Ltd.



        -    Master of Science (Transport). Imperial College London and                         University College London’

        -    Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering), Chulalongkorn                           University,

Work Experiences

        -    2018- 2020 Credit Analyst (Corparate Banking), Bangkok Bank PLC



                                                  (Rachadech Marprasert)

                                        Chief Executive Officer of Doing Well